Women’s Clothing For Muslims

Unlike women in the west, Muslim women are restricted to what they can wear, by the Quran. In the Quran it states that Muslim women should all be modestly dresses with robes that cover them from their heads to their feet and also that their heads and necks should also be covered. Although the women in many Muslim countries comply with what the holy book has laid down, they often choose different dress styles whereas in the Middle East, most women will dress alike. The clothing of choice for Middle Eastern women is an Abaya and Hijab. The Abaya is a long dress type of garment that is loose fitting and will cover them from head to toe, whilst the hijab is a scarf type garment that is meant to cover their heads and neck. These garments can be made from a variety of materials such as chiffon and crepe and can also be in a variety of colours and have ornate embroidery on them but are all very similar.

Unfortunately abayas UK are somewhat hard to find in the regular clothing stores which prefer to cater to the different styles and fashions of the western women however, there are now online outfitters that cater especially to the clothing needs of Muslim women and not only can they provide a variety of Abayas and Hijabs but can also provide more western style clothing which still complies with the requirements of the Quran. Obviously as more and more Muslim women refugees enter the UK, the need for this style of clothing increases and these online stores are ready to meet that increase in demand.

Although this style of attire may seem strange to westerners, we must remember that all countries, tribes or cultures at one time had their own traditional forms of dress but, unlike the Muslim women, our religious beliefs did not prohibit us from seeking other styles and we became slaves to the current fashions. Most peoples of the planet did have their traditional garbs but not all were bound to them by their religions but for those that are; their beliefs should be catered to and that are what these online outfitters are trying to do.

Some of the styles and fashions which these online outfitters have to offer include long, loosely fitting pants which can worn with a maxi shirt to ensure that the whole body is adequately covered to comply with the rulings of the Quran. Although many Middle Eastern women may have felt out of place wearing such fashions in their own countries, it is the wearing of their traditional Abayas and Hijabs that may make them feel out of place in the UK and other western European countries. Although they are of course bound to keep with the requirements of the Quran, many Muslim women in other Muslim countries have been wearing western style attire that complies with the Quran, for many years and feel none the less religious for it.